1962-1977: establishment and growth of Enel

1962: creation of Enel- The Italian National Agency for Electric Energy – Enel - was established on December 6th. Enel performs electricity production, import and export, transportation, processing, distribution and sale.

1963: The National Dispatching Centre - Enel began gradually absorbing existing electricity companies. At the end of 1995 there were 1,270 absorbed companies. The National Dispatching Centre of Rome, one of the first established units, manages production facilities, transmission network and interconnection with other countries: in fact, it is the "brain" of the entire Italian electricity system.

1965: Loan bonds - To finance the expansion of its plant Enel issued the first two bonds,for 75 billion and 100 billion lire in Italy and 37 billion lire in other countries of the European Community.

1966: Thermal power takes the lead - For the first time, hydropower production covers less than 50% of the aggregate. The gradual depletion of hydroelectric resources and the continuous and sustained increase in electricity demand , cause an increase of energy production from power plants.

1972: The growth - Between 1968 and 1972, according to a survey by Mediobanca, Enel has the second highest turnover, after Fiat, among Italian industries.

1976: Oil crisis and energy savings - To cope with the oil crisis triggered by the Arab-Israeli Yom Kippur conflict, from 1973 Enel plans to build both new nuclear power plants, so as to reduce dependence on oil, and hydroelectric pumping plants.
In 1976 the Italian Parliament launches the first legislative action in the field of energy-saving policy. Enel prepares a leaflet entitled “For a better and more economical use of energy”, printed in 21 million copies and sent to every household.

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