Enel Biomass

Biomass energy production is a promising source of renewable energy, as they are useful for production of electricity, heat and biofuels.

In 2012 the Enel Group increased the number of its biomass power plants from 9 to 11, which add up to 120 megawatts of installed capacity. Between biomass plants and co-combustion facilities, Enel has biomass operations in Italy, Spain, Slovakia and Canada.

 The Enel Group is extending its research and innovation activities in the sector. Today small-scale production technology is being tested, as are optimisation processes in operating plants. Tests are also being carried out on the integration of biomass and geothermal plants.

Enel is also carrying out research into improving production with vegetable oil and solid biofuels with universities and research institutes, as well as the production of bioethanol with lignocellulose biomass. It is also working on increase the working life span of plants that produce lots of heat. As well as enabling the use of low value agricultural land, the project could increase the availability of biomass across huge areas of Latin America. 

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