Hydroelectric Power

Water is a clean and renewable source of energy, that is always available and grants a significant contribution to the world’s primary energy demand.
Being Italy’s main resource and entirely free of polluting emissions, it’s a leading energy source, both in economic and environmental terms.
We have always pledged to invest in this sector, actively contributing to developing hydropower for production increase and improvement.

In Italy we own 500 hydropower plants, with a total capacity of 13,647 MW. This resource can meet the needs of approximately 10 million families and avoid the emission of over 15 million tons of CO2.

Enel’s role is also significant beyond national borders, particularly in developing countries, where the hydroelectric installed capacity exceeds 30,265 MW.

This capacity is divided as follows:

  • Spain and Portugal: 4,684 MW
  • Slovakia: 2,329 MW
  • Greece: 14 MW
  • Latin America: 9,278 MW
  • USA & Canada: 313 MW


Data as of: December 31, 2011

CO2 Neutral