PV solar power technology makes use of semiconductor materials that when treated correctly generate electricity when hit by solar radiation. Thanks to continuous progress with the technology, PV solar has spread rapidly throughout the world, with the gigawatt of capacity installed in 2000 increasing to over 100GW by 2012.

Over recent years development of PV solar has accelerated rapidly in Europe, and in particular in Germany and Italy. At the end of 2012 478 PV solar power plants were in operation, which together had a combined installed capacity of 16.4GW, of which 9.5GW was installed in 2011 alone.

The Enel Group is committed to developing PV Solar in order to diversify its mix of generation technology and take advantages of opportunities offered by the market. Enel Green Power manages 63 megawatts of capacity – a 57.5 percent increase on 2011 – over 26 facilities.

Enel’s research activities are also of significance, with work on increasing the efficiency of solar panels and operating plants and the development of hybrid use of the technology alongside other energy sources and innovative uses like the integration of panels in architecture. 

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