Enel Biomass

In 2013 the Enel Group generated energy for a total of 332 GWh. Biomass is used in plants located in Italy, Slovakia and Spain, sometimes co-combusted in coal plant boilers.

In order to increase the sustainability and efficiency of its power generating facilities, the Enel Group makes investments and performs operations aimed to achieve various improvements. Ordinary and extraordinary management and modernisation activities at plants involve in particular:

  • energy generation optimisation;
  • operations and maintenance optimisation;
  • reduction of direct and indirect environmental impacts;
  • biodiversity protection;
  • increase of generation efficiency indexes;
  • increase of plant load factor;
  • responsible water management.

Recently introduced innovations at the Enel Group’s biomass power generating facilities include the development of the “Capim Elefante” project in Brazil, aimed to improve and optimise the life cycle of this herbaceous plant, in order to increase the biomass available on the market of Brazil and other South American countries.

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(Unless otherwise indicated, this report relies on data from December 31th, 2013)

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