Hydroelectric Power

The Enel Group operates 818 hydropower plants with a total net efficient capacity of 29,581 MW as of 30 June 2014. In 2013 net generation amounted to 72.6 TWh (proforma data according to the accounting principle IFRS11).

Power generating facilities of the Enel Group include 408 small hydro plants (maximum capacity up to 10 MW) in 13 countries: Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Greece, United States, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama and Peru.

The are three kinds of hydropower plants in the Enel Group’s portfolio: run-of-the-river, basin/reservoir, pure/mixed pumping.

In order to increase the sustainability and efficiency of its power generating facilities, the Enel Group makes investments and performs operations aimed to achieve various improvements. Ordinary and extraordinary management and modernisation activities at hydropower plants involve in particular:

  • Optimisation of energy generation;
  • optimisation of water availability at plants;
  • use of releases due to minimum water flow;
  • reduction of direct and indirect environmental impact;
  • protection of biodiversity;
  • increase of generation efficiency indices;
  • load factor increase at plants;
  • responsible water management;
  • water management with special focus on water stressed areas;
  • discharge to water and waste water management and recovery

Recently introduced innovations at the Enel Group’s power generating facilities involve in particular:

  • the development of run-of-the-river plants that use water flows with limited individual capacity
  • the development and efficiency increase of pumping solutions


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