Enel and Nuclear Power

Enel’s 92% interest in Endesa includes nuclear power plant operation through subsidiary shareholdings in the following Spanish nuclear plants: Endesa’s participation in the Spanish nuclear assets is shown in the table below.


PlantLocation  Gross Capacity (MWe)% ownershipMWe to Endesa
Ascó IAscó-TarragonaN11.032, 51001.032, 5
Ascó IIAscó-TarragonaN11.027,285,0873,1
Vandellós IIVandellós-TarragonaN11.087,172,0782,7
GaroñaStª Mª Garoña-BurgosN1466,050,0233,0
Almaraz IAlmaraz-CáceresN11.049,436,0377,8
Almaraz IIAlmaraz-CáceresN11.044,536,0376,2
Total nuclear76.772,7 3.686,2

These plants are operated by Joint Venture Subsidiaries (Asociacion Nuclear Asco Vandellos II (ANAV), Centrales Nucleares Almaraz Trillo (CNAT) and Nuclenor.

The shareholdings (nearest %) in each of these subsidiaries are as follows:

  • ANAV – (Asco I, Asco II, Vandellos II) – 85% Endesa, 15% Iberdrola (www.anav.es)
  • CNAT- (Almaraz I, Almaraz II, Trillo) – 24% Endesa, 51% Iberdrola, 19% GAS Natural Fenosa, 5% Hidroelettrico di Cantabrico, 1% NUCLENOR. (www.cnat.es)
  • NUCLENOR – (Santa Maria de Garona) – 50% Endesa, 50% IBERDROLA (www.nuclenor.org)

The law 15/2012 dated on December 27th, 2012 has introduced in Spain new taxation applicable starting from January 1st, 2013, which affects the Enel Group nuclear power plants, in matter of energy generation, spent fuel production and intermediate and low level radioactive wastes production. 
Santa Maria de Garoña nuclear power plant has suspended the operation since December 16th, 2012 on the basis of the draft of the aforementioned law due to the foreseen financial impact, confirmed as the final text was published. 
During 2013 the plant remained in shutdown condition and its operating license expired on July 6. The taxation regime on the spent nuclear fuel introduced in December 2012, has been favourably modified in September 2013. The plant operator is keeping the possibility of resuming plant operations once addressed licensing and regulations matters: according to the Spanish nuclear law, there is one year time after the license expiration to apply for an extended operating license.

Enel has an interest in Nuclear Power Plant Operations in Slovakia through its controlling 66% holding in Slovenske Elektrarne as which owns and operates the Bohunice 3 & 4 Units and Mochovce 1 & 2 Units as well as trading 100e of the electricity produced by these units. The Slovak Government is 34% shareholder. In terms of Nuclear Plant Construction activities, also at Mochovce, Enel and Slovenske Elektrarne are progressing in the construction of Units 3 & 4. These units will be operated within the same management structures and processes as apply for the other Slovenske Elektrarne units.


PlantLocation  Gross Capacity (MWe)% ownershipMWe to Enel
Bohunice 3Jaslovce BohuniceN150566505
Bohunice 4Jaslovce BohuniceN150566505
Mochovce 1MochovceN147066470
Mochovce 2MochovceN147066470
Mochovce 3MochovceN1NA66NA
Mochovce 4MochovceN1NA66NA
Total Nuclear61.950 1.950
CO2 Neutral