The Archimede Project is the first integration, worldwide, of a gas combined cycle and a solar thermodynamic power plant

The project is based on a strongly innovative technology elaborated by Enea. It was built in Enel's power station in Priolo Gargallo (Siracusa, Sicily), chosen for its high insulation levels and its morphological characteristics.

The solar concentration power plant, completely integrated with the thermodynamic cycle and the other facilities and services of the plant, increase the plant's power by about 5 MW and grants an additional electric production of around 10 million kilowatt-hour per year. This avoids the consumption of 2,000 metric tons of oil and the emission of 6,200 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

The new solar station concentrates the Sun's direct rays by means of parabolic mirrors. The energy thus obtained will then be collected using a salt-based fluid, and will be made available in the form of high temperature heat (550°C) any time of the day, avoiding the typical discontinuity of renewable sources.

The yielded thermal energy will then be used to produce high temperature (535°C) and high pressure (110 bar) steam, which can be pumped into the combined cycle steam turbine. The "solar field" will consist of 54 mirrors, each of them being 100 meters long, for a total active surface of around 31,000 square meters.

CO2 Neutral