Smart Metering System

The Smart Metering System of Enel is a system enabling an innovative remote management of electric meters and therefore a new approach with its Customers.

The System is a smart infrastructure where the electronic meters installed at Customer's premises provide access to the actual parameters and contractual data of the supply through a display; a module for communicating with the Enel central systems and a switching device enabling, remotely, the consensus to connection and supply disconnection are also featured. Meters are therefore able to transmit data regarding consumptions, receive updates of the contractual parameters and remotely manage the supply connectivity.

The Smart Metering System is one of the fundamental building blocks for the development of the Smart Grids, to adapt the grids to the new electrical market scenario.

In the electrical distribution grid of Enel, the Smart Metering System is a fact; indeed, installation of the smart meters and of the supporting infrastructure has been completed. 32 millions of customers are remotely managed and serviced in a more efficient, rapid and flexible manner.
The number of serviced Customers and System performances are, to date, still unsurpassed on a world wide basis.

The Smart Metering System enabled, since 2005, the introduction of a new hourly-based tariff system, flexible and adaptable to the various needs, allowing Customers to select supply contract tailored on their needs and consenting a cost saving. The System represents also a step forward for the electrical system at large, improving the services to the Customers, supporting the demand side management and providing a ground to Enel for the improvement of its internal processes.

The remote management of the large majority of commercial transactions and main activities on meters also help Enel in reducing the green house effect, since on-site interventions are no longer needed.

Following the successful deployment of the System in Italy, Enel will extend its application also to other distribution grids within the Enel Group. Adaptation of the System and field components to the requirements and constraints of the Spanish market is presently in progress: 13 millions of smart meters will be installed in the period 2010-2015 in the distribution grid of Endesa. The solution for Endesa has been prized at the Metering Europe 2009 event with the EUROPEAN UTILITY AWARD in the Business Performance category.

The System will also be extended in the future to support the remote management of gas meters, extending the advantages of the electrical smart metering also to the gas distribution grid.

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