Torrevaldaliga Nord

On July 2008 the first of three groups of Torrevaldaliga Nord power plant entered into service.

The plant will be capable of meeting 50% of Lazio region's electricity needs, equivalent to around 4% of the national consumption. The plant, which  uses the most advanced available technologies,grants a better performance compared to other similar plants and reduces significantly environmental impact.

Compared with the previous oil-fuelled plant, all emissions will be strongly reduced: nitrogen oxides will go down by 61%, while dusts and sulphur oxide will be cut by 88% (50% beneath the strict European regulatory limits set for health and environmental protection).

Furthermore, coal transportation and circulation systems are completely sealed: this fuel never be exposed to the air. The total investment amounts to around 2 billion Euros. The construction of the plant involved 3,500 workers (and 450 Enel technicians), for a total of 20 million  hours worked.

The plant, with a total capacity of 1,980 MW, consists of 3 groups, one less than the previous oil-fuelled plant. This size reduction will also abate carbon dioxide (CO2 ) emissions by 18%.

CO2 Neutral