Carbon Capture and Storage - Technology

Capture and geological storage of CO2 from flue gases emitted by conventional fossil fuel plants

CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) technology is a totally innovative process. Firstly, CO2  is separated from other gases produced in coal-fuelled plants, then it is captured and transported to storage sites. Thus, the carbon dioxide produced in plants is seized and trapped in geological formations, such as depleted gas and oil reservoirs and deep saline aquifers.

Due to the large storing capacity of such formations, CO2 emissions can be segregated for decades or even centuries.
For years Enel has been active in CCS research, promoting the development of pilot plants to test this technology.
With this aim, early in 2010, a pilot plant to test the post-combustion CO2 capture will enter into service.
In the meantime, the world’s first pure hydrogen fuelled power plant has been built at Enel’s Fusina power station. It allows to demonstrate the feasibility of using the hydrogen produced through coal gasification to produce power with zero CO2 emissions.

CO2 Neutral