Eco-sustainability: The Leaf Community

The Leaf  Community  - the first environmentally friendly community in Italy - was created in 2008 in Angeli di Rosola, in the province of Ancona. The project, promoted by Loccioni with Enel and Whirpool, together with other well-regarded companies, academies and institutions, is a meeting point between man and nature in which technology helps recover the balance of nature and the latter’s central role in human life.

Living in a house that runs with completely renewable energy, working in an eco-friendly building, moving by means of electrical vehicles and growing up in a school powered by clean energy, where education also means acquiring the notion of a new relationship with the environment. These are the four pillars that support the Leaf Community, witnessing Enel’s great commitment to sustainable innovation.

The Leaf Community concretely shows a new approach, made possible by technology, and an improved and closer relationship between man and nature.

This project is important not only because it is strongly characterized by innovation, but also because it’s an example of new projects designed to search for the original meaning of the ecological relationship with our planet.

Within the "Leaf House", Enel has set up a system to produce, store and reuse hydrogen for power generation.
Photovoltaic panels generate energy - when there is a high level of insulation - which is used not only to meet the energy needs of the "zero-emissions" house, but also to power an electrolyser that splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen that is produced is stored in a system using metal hydrides and then converted, through a fuel cell, in electricity that will be available when there is no solar generation.

The system’s efficiency is also based on advanced solutions for home automation and on a conscious use of energy. To this regard, a relevant contribution comes from Enel’s Electronic Meter System, which represents the world’s greatest innovation in electricity distribution.  In fact, thanks to the Digital Meter, which stores and manages energy consumption measurement data, there is a completely different interface with end-users, who can now be increasingly aware of their consumption, due to the great amount of information that they receive.

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