Enel Drive

Transport is responsible for around one-third of greenhouse gases, but developments in electric transport could change that for the better. As well as that, they could improve quality of life, particularly for city-dwellers.

Enel Drive was conceived with this in mind: a series of pilot projects looking to develop a ‘smart’ charging infrastructure network, it is hoped that it will guarantee a widespread, efficient and user-friendly service for those who decide to drive electric vehicles. Enel's smart meter technology was placed at the heart of the charging infrastructure, making it as efficient for user and provider as it is for the 32 million Italian households using the system at home.

The Charging System
The charging system for electric vehicles works on the same principle as the one powering homes up and down Italy; using the smart grid tech, it keeps customers up to speed and encourages them to take charge of their consumption. There are two types of charging stations - Home and Public - which are technologically advanced, yet simple and safe to use. Payment is easy too, with single payment options for credit cards or pre-paid charge cards and regular monthly payments - making it just like paying your electricity bill.

The Home Station allows the customer to charge their vehicle from home, thanks to a meter installed their garage.

The Public Stations are installed in convenient locations all around your town or city. Customers will have a smartcard, which recognises them and allows them access to the charging network.

Once the vehicle is connected to the station, the charging process is automatic. It can also be customised, based on the amount of electricity available at any given charging station, price, and on the charging mode. The control centre oversees everything, from the management of the infrastructure to handling individual charges, as well as the monitoring of consumption and the amount each customer will be charged.

CO2 Neutral