Innovation Governance

In 2011 the Enel Group undertook research and development work on innovative technologies for a value of around 97 million euro, an increase of around 10 million euro (+11.5%) compared to 2010. The commitment to research and development was focused for around 64% to innovation in the field of the fossil fuel generation, in order to reduce its impact (carbon capture and storage, emissions reduction, increase of efficiency in production plant), around 20% to the development of renewable sources (with a focus on photovoltaic and thermodynamic solar, geothermal, wind and biomass, energy accumulation), and around 16% to energy efficiency programs and the development of smart grids, distributed generation and electric mobility.

Research and innovation activities form part of the Plan for Technological Innovation which provides an overall framework of the research and innovation strategy and projects developed within the Group. The Plan has been developed in an integrated form with Endesa and in coordination with all the Group companies and aims to increase the Group’s competitiveness and enhance its technological and environmental leadership.

CO2 Neutral