Enel aims it research activities at reducing emissions damaging to the environment, as well as making use of waste from traditional power plants. We focus on fuels and combustion: coal co-combustion, waste and biomass in fluidized bed systems; burner optimization, resolution of humming problems in gas turbines and, more generally, improvement of combustion efficiency, as well as plant reliability and availability.

Enel also takes part in several initiatives, such as the Adriatica Project - in which it equipped a ship with renewable energy systems - and the Sterpaia Project, the new creativity workshop designed by Oliviero Toscani, which was developed by Enel and the University of Pisa. It looked to produce energy using only sustainable source from the park adjacent to the university.

Enel values the work that its researchers do, and as such participates in various European researcher mobility programmes, including:

  • Human Capital Mobility
  • Researchers Training Mobility
  • Improving Human Potential
  • Radiare Project

Enel also collaborates with major international players in academics and research, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), with who it works in the development of carbon capture and storage and advanced solar and energy saving technology.

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