Smart Grids

Smart Grids










Smart Grids drive the future

Smart Grids combine the use of traditional technologies with innovative digital solutions, making the management of the electricity network more flexible thanks to a more efficient exchange in information. One of the more immediate applications of Smart Grids is the network integration of renewable energies, which contribute to the fulfillment of the environmental goals set by the European Commission. By applying innovative digital technologies it is possible to monitor the entire network for timely interventions in case of outages, ensuring an excellent electricity supply.

In this continuously evolving system, customers become the protagonists thanks to the use of electronic supports that make consumption transparent, encourage active participation in the energy market and promote efficient energy use. 

Enel launched this innovation project 10 years ago and, thanks to the infrastructures that have already been completedand to the initiatives and projectsbeing carried out with Smart Grids, is actively operating in the interest of all of those involved: producers and consumers of energy.

Smart Grids are improving the quality of service. Operating costs decrease, and the competitiveness of network operators is increasing. There are advantages for environmental sustainability and for the entire system.

  • Energy storage technologies;
  • Renewable energy grid-integration models;
  • Smart metering and interoperabilità with data and information management systems;
  • Advanced Energy e Distribution Management Systems (EMS e DMS);
  • Power electronic systems for flow government;
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