Leadership in innovation

Leadership in innovation

The quality of electricity supply is a requirement in any modern society. To this end Enel manages a complex and delicate electrical system. The continuity of services has to be  constantly monitored while, at the same time, constant improvements to the network must be made in order to provide high quality services to each consumer.

The traditional model of electricity networks is changing.

Now there are not only lines, switches, and transformers, but also electronics, information and communication technologies.

The network is no longer only a channel of electricity distribution, but also a “smart” grid that allows bidirectional exchanges of energy flows and information, meeting four essential requirements:

  • ensuring the integration of all renewable energy sources;
  • improving the quality of electricity supply;
  • increasing efficiency  while enhancing the sustainability of the electrical system  and reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • satisfying  the new needs of consumers, who can now produce energy at home and charge their electric cars when needed.
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