Investor Relations policy

The Investor Relations officers manage the relations with institutional investors and financial analysts through a timely and transparent communication.

Therefore, our goal is to provide the market with the credibility, which stands at the base of a long term investment approach on any company.

The Investor Relations team is dedicated to:

  • Promoting long term institutional and retail investors investing in the company
  • Enhancing the stock liquidity and its price stability
  • Conveying the market perception towards the Top management strategic decision making process.

Primarily, we pursue our goals through a consistent and coherent, quality information flow:

  • Consistent, as information is provided at any institutional event - i.e. BOD meetings, AGM, etc. - and whenever the market is interested, especially during activities such as Acquisitions or Disposals and/or generally during the so-called price sensitive disclosures.
  • Coherent, as information is symmetrically provided, trying to keep it homogeneous regardless of the enquirer.
  • Quality, as the topics we cover are specific and technical: we disclose primarily financial and economic, operational or strategically-related information.
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