Oxygen, the science for everyone

To encourage the integration between science and society as well as promote the diffusion of the belief and the impulse of dialogue and scientific debate. These are the objectives which have led Enel to create Oxygen, a quarterly magazine which, in approximately a hundred pages, addresses emerging issues in the industry turning to specialist such as ordinary citizens.

Rigorous, technical and at the same time simple and clear, the magazine aims at developing the scientific culture from aspects of daily life to the most advanced research frontiers, not only responding to the curiosity of the reader but also prompting new reflections.
Each issue features a concentration on a current topic of interest (from nuclear power to renewable energy, sustainability, etc..) with one constant objective: science for all.

OXYGEN N. 24 - Europe: Perfect hamony

OXYGEN N. 24 - Europe: Perfect hamony

On the occasion of the six-month Italian Presidency to the European Council, Oxygen recounts Europe as it is today and as it has been in the past, explaining its positive influence and reflecting on the steps still to be taken to continue to perform.

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