Enel’s Smart Meters Conquer Romania

Enel’s Smart Meters Conquer Romania

The Enel Group is set to install 256,000 smart meters in Iasi, Romania’s second largest city, as part of a new deal with the E.ON group


Smart city management key in Europe and USA

Smart city management in the United States focus more on transparency and the involvement of citizens in how their city is run, but the way in which energy resources are managed has more in common with Europe

Starace Inaugurates SmartCity Santiago

Starace Inaugurates SmartCity Santiago

Enel CEO Francesco Starace travelled to Chile to celebrate the inauguration of SmartCity Santiago, which will improve quality of life for local people, who will have access to better services and other benefits offered by cutting-edge technology


Enel and Startups: Energising Innovation

The Enel Group has a whole range of initiatives through which it discovers start-up businesses working on innovative clean tech projects, and involves them in partnerships based on sustainability

Energy Systems: New Challenges in the Mediterranean

Energy Systems: New Challenges in the Mediterranean

The Enel Foundation is calling for applications to a training course on the evolution of the energy system, which is to be held at the Venice International University in November


Enel Research Leader in CFD Skills

The two decades of experience in the analysis of computational fluids dynamics honed by Enel's research centre in Pisa is improving plant efficiency and performance and their impact on the environmental

Energia e Cyber Security, Enel pronta alla risposta

Energy and Cyber Security, Enel is Ready to Take Action

The prevention of and fight against cyber-attacks is becoming increasingly important for utilities, for the protection of both profits and national security


Urban pollution in European cities

A study by the European Environmental Agency highlights the extent to which air quality is affected by emissions from transport and residential consumption, which can be fought effectively by applying energy efficiency and developing sustainable mobility


Cooperation and Development of Energy in the Mediterranean

The recent OME conference in Rome offered an opportunity to study the key issues regarding energy cooperation in Europe and around the Mediterranean, and taking part for Enel was Enel Green Power’s head of External Relations Andrea Falessi

Enel Bags Fraunhofer IPT Award

Enel Bags Fraunhofer IPT Award

The German institute awards Enel for Successful Practices in Technology Intelligence, making innovation its key business strategy and for its cutting edge practices and technology


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