The European Year for Active Ageing

Together with CSR Europe, Enel participates in the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations.


The USA invests in algae

The US Department of Energy will establish partnerships with private investors and universities for the development of biofuels from algae.


Enel's new frontiers in Europe

Perspectives in different countries of Eastern Europe. Cooperation opportunities aimed at updating the various national electricity systems in the name of innovation and the environment


The expansion of electronic meters in Europe

In 2001 Enel was the first company to install electronic meters in Italy. Now smart metering is growing in the whole of Europe with the Enel Group playing a central role


Latin America focuses on hydropower

More than any other, this source can generate great amounts of energy, is competitive and has no emissions whatsoever


Successful partnerships for energy efficiency

Public-private cooperation must be facilitated in order to exploit all benefits originating from energy efficiency


New investments in the smart grids

Enel estimates that it will to make new investments in the modernization of Spanish distribution network and in the development of the smart grids.


The market for emission reduction

Market instruments are still the best way to achieve sustainable development in a cost-effective manner and without losing competitiveness


Transparency and involvement will characterize CSR in 2012

Transparency along the supply chain, growth of CSR reporting and focus on social media are CSR trends in 2012.


Distribution networks for energy efficiency

Efforts to achieve Smart grids must move faster, removing regulatory obstacles and introducing subsidies for companies investing in R&D


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