Clean coal technologies are growing

The market of technologies for electricity production from clean coal has reached 63 billion dollars in 2010 and will increase to 85 billion by 2020.

The market of technologies for electricity production from clean coal will reach 85 billion dollars by 2020. The latter was forecasted by Report Buyer in its recent report  Clean Coal Technologies Markets and Trends Worldwide: 2nd Edition.

The innovative clean coal technologies reduce the environmental impact of electricity generation from coal, by increasing energy efficiency and abating emissions.  

In 2010, seven billion tonnes of coal were used to produce more than 40 percent of the world’s electricity, with a market value exceeding 400 billion dollars. Nonetheless, energy generation from coal contributes significantly to global greenhouse emissions and is increasingly regulated.

According to the study by Report Buyer, thanks to clean coal technologies, which can improve environmental performances connected with the use of coal, this fuel will remain an option that can attract investment also in the future.

Research and development in the various clean coal technologies advances at full pace. At a global level, the market of technologies for electricity generation from clean coal reached 63 billion dollars in 2010, and is expected to reach 85 billion by 2020.

In this field, Enel plays a leading role at an international level, entering into significant partnerships.

In 2011, a group of experts from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) visited the  Federico II di Brindisi and Torrevaldaliga Nord di Civitavecchia plants, to become acquainted with the environmental systems used by Enel in both facilities.

Moreover, joint activities are still carried out in China with the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), aimed at building a carbon capture and storage plant at the Tongchuan coal facility.