Distribution networks for energy efficiency

Efforts to achieve Smart grids must move faster, removing regulatory obstacles and introducing subsidies for companies investing in R&D

Enhancing energy efficiency is one of the most proficient ways to increase competitiveness while reducing costs and environmental impacts. In this field every player involved plays a significant role. including companies that produce energy, consumers,  manufacturers of products, machinery and plants, as well as network managers.

Nonetheless, electricity distribution networks are starting to gain a completely new role in the advancement towards greater efficiency, specifically connected with the development of smart grids. Indeed, these new intelligent electricity networks will be increasingly central in Europe’s energy system.

The first step in this direction was made by installing electronic meters. This is a field in which Enel is the unchallenged leader, both for its role as a pioneer and for the amounts of devices it has installed.
But it is necessary to advance faster along this path, as Eurelectric (the association of European power industries) recommended in a new document addressed to Europe’s decision-makers.

Smart grids will increase the efficiency of energy systems, enhance the security of supplies and allow growing amounts of renewable energy to be grid-injected.
Therefore, it is essential that all electricity distributors in the EU amplify their efforts along this path, with the support of policies issued by each State.

This is why Eurelectric urges politicians to engage in removing hindering obstacles, by adopting clear and long-term stable rules. Also, they must promptly introduce a system of subsidies at a European level aimed at supporting distributors investing in smart grid R&D.

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