Electric cars: savings and competitiveness

Published: 2012-03-06

According to a study conducted in Spain, 70% of daily commuting can be made with electric vehicles. And the cost of vehicles can be amortized in a short period thanks to energy saving.

Electric cars: savings and competitiveness

While the European Parliament is presenting four new projects in the field of electric vehicles, a study conducted by the IESE Business School of the University of Navarra showed that the greater cost of  electric vehicles compared with traditional ones could be amortized in five to nine years.

Sixty students of the IESE Business school participated in the study, conducted within the e-mobility. The study found that the initially higher cost of electric vehicles, compared with traditional ones, can be amortized in only 5 years due to energy savings. The period of amortization (5 to 9 years) depends, to a great extent, on the trends of oil prices and of taxes, as well as on the cost reduction of  electric car components, like  lithium-ion batteries and propulsion systems.

An interesting data resulting from the study is that 70% of all daily commutes could be performed with current electric cars, especially in urban areas.

At the conference that it organized in Brussels, the Powered Two-Wheeler Industry Association, (ACEM) discussed how electric vehicles can improve mobility in cities and called on representatives of the attending European institutions to promote a regulatory framework that will favour light two- and three-wheeled electric vehicles.

According to the President of the association Hendrik von Kuenheim, this type of vehicles can play an essential role in smarting up individual mobility, promoting an electric mobility that is simple to use and agile in city traffic.

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