Electricity, the environment’s best friend

Published: 2012-02-24

Electricity is the best way to achieve a sustainable energy system. The future is made of electric vehicles, smart cities and environmentally compatible plants, as stated by the European Roadmap and Eurelectric

Electricity, the environment’s best friend

Electricity is the best way to achieve a sustainable energy system. The latter was recently stated by the Energy Roadmap 2050 of the European Union and was confirmed by Eurelectric, the association of European electricity companies, which has long since identified electricity as a global benchmark for a people-oriented development that adjusts to the growth of global economy.

According to Eurelectric, which from June of last year is chaired by Enel’s CEO Fulvio Conti, the association electricity-sustainability can also be applied to fields like transportation and heating for which electricity is a successful and cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Electricity has such an environmentally friendly potential that clean energy scenarios can be imagined in which  electric vehicles drive in smart cities, based on enhanced efficiency, innovative heating systems, led lightening and smart grids, that is, intelligent networks for energy distribution.
Emissions reduction already starts when energy is generated, by developing renewable sources and using cleaner thermal plants, like the high efficiency coal facility that Enel built in Civitavecchia, as well as carbon capture and storage (CCS) techniques, on which Enel is experimenting at the Brindisi pilot plant and with the project it has planned at Porto Tolle.

Electricity also stands for economic development. Today still over one and a half billion people in the world lack electricity. Therefore, the electrification process, which also Western companies that perform significant operations in emerging countries have helped to enact, implies increased sustainability not only regarding the environment, but also economic and social matters.

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