Emissions: the international agenda

Published: 2012-02-22

Significant events between February and March for the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute (GCCSI). The aim is to share experiences on carbon capture and storage technologies, a field in which Enel is a leader.

CCS facility plant

The new UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey recently defined carbon capture and storage as "crucial for a future with low-carbon emissions", reiterating his government’s commitment to invest in this technology. Ed Davey’s is only the last of many opinions that favour a technology that has since long been chosen by governments and institutions that seek the best solutions for emission reduction.

This attention is confirmed by the various events that, between February and March, characterize the international agenda of the energy sector. A number of significant events regard the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute (GCCSI), founded by G8 Member States to promote worldwide the study and achievement of advanced CCS technologies, of which the Enel Group is a member.

Firstly, the EcoGeneration Clean Energy Seminar was held on February 23rd. in Melbourne, Australia. This conference focused on new funding models for carbon capture and storage technologies, including the possibility to support investments to be made together with the public sector, as well as interaction with global carbon markets.

On February 27th. and 28th. the GCCSI will participate in London to the conferenceEuropean Carbon Capture and Storage, organized by Platts, aimed at giving an overall picture of the state of the art of CCS in Europe, examining aspects dealing with politics and enforced regulations, public and private finance, as well as technical matters like storing capacity and criteria used to choose sites.

In the technical field, the Enel Group contributes at a global level by developing significant partnerships, including one with the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). Enel’s leadership is acknowledged, due to the achievement of projects like the CCS plant in Brindisi, Italy, and Compostilla in Spain.

Other meetings on CCS will also take place in March. On the 12th. Abu Dhabi will host the conference Carbon Capture and Storage 2012, with a debate on the development of innovative CCS strategies in the Middle East.

The agenda will include a comparison between the various technologies that have been used so far, the presentation of case studies on carbon capture and storage in the energy industry and strategies for carbon transportation.

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