Enel and smart grids, the Grid4EU project

Published: 2012-04-26

The Group’s experience in the development of smart grids. One of the ongoing projects  in Europe and Latin America is the Grid4EU programme, in which Enel has the technical guidance of six demonstration projects in EU countries

Enel e le smart grids, il progetto Grid4EU

Enel’s experience and technology for the development of smart grids are since long a global benchmark. The central role played by the Group in the development of smart grids and the widespread use of smart meters was once again emphasised on April 25 in Tokyo, where a workshop was held in which several companies participated, including 10 Japanese utilities.

Enel’s leading global role in the field of smart grids was confirmed by the many projects that the Group developed in Europe and Latin America and the programmes in which it participates through international partnerships. One of the most outstanding and advanced is Grid4EU, a Europeanprojectfor which the Company provides technical guidance.

The programme, equally funded by the EU and industrial partners, aims at completing six demonstration projects regarding smart grids in an equal amount of European countries: Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Czech Republic and Germany.

“These projects are characterised by their reproducibility: for instance, the technologies tested in Italy will have to be usable also in other countries”, said Paola Petroni, Head of Network Technologies of Enel Distribuzione, who added “ our duty of technical coordination is very engaging. We’ll have to ensure this harmonisation, so we’ll have to collect homogeneous information and transfer it to all the industries that are partners in these projects. What is demonstrated in the individual nations will thus become the basis of European  smart grid”.

Besides the technical coordination of the whole programme,  Enel also manages one of the projects in Italy, in the area of Forlì-Cesena, aimed at using smart grids for renewable sources. ”Renewables will be integrated onto the middle current network.The extraordinary growth of these connections can affect the quality of the current and hence the service we provide», Paola Petroni explained.

The engagement focuses mainly on technological innovation. Specifically, an electricity storage facility will be installed, applying the experience gained by Enel Research at the Carpinone plant, near Isernia, where another Enel project for the development of smart grids is being carried out. Through technological integration and the involvement of users, the project aims at enacting a new electricity distribution model that can combine diffused energy generation and a reliable and secure management of the entire electrical system.

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