Enel Promoting Water Management Efficiency

Published: 2013-06-11

Last year Enel managed a five percent reduction in water consumption compared with 2011, and the Group is aiming to reduce its water consumption by 10 percent between 2010 and 2020, working jointly and in a transparent manner with local communities

Efficient water management is a key element of the Enel Group's sustainability strategy, as well as being essential for protection of biodiversity and the development and wellbeing of society. This is why Enel committed to reduce its water consumption by 10 percent between 2010 and 2020, working jointly with local communities in an entirely transparency manner, and last year saw a five percent reduction compared with 2011.

Enel constantly monitors all production sites that are located in areas where there is a risk of scarcity of water, making the management of water more efficient. This mapping showed that in 2012, only five percent of the Group's total production used fresh water to cool its production cycle in areas where water is scarce, while also limiting its use of fresh water for other industrial uses.

The largest consumption of fresh water in areas where local water is scarce takes place at the Costanera combined cycle steam plants at the Dock Sud in Argentina and the combined cycle Ventanilla facility in Peru. In these cases however the risk of reducing fresh water reserves to a level of hydraulic stress is extremely low.

Enel has launched in Italy, in Spain and in South America in-depth studies on hydropeaking, the effect of changes in daily discharges determined by intermittent injections of water downstream of power plants. The aim of these studies is to identify the actual effects caused by the presence of these plants and understand the process better so that knowledge can be used come the phase of public consultation, be it regarding the application or updating regulations.

For Enel it is important that its achieved objectives and results are widely visible, and has decided to join this year the Water Disclosure Project, extending to the whole Group an activity that was previously conducted by Endesa.

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