What's the Use of Smart Cities?

Smart cities: an integrated response to the needs of the new urban centres, increasingly populated and seeking cutting-edge sustainable solutions. Examples of Enel smart cities in Europe and Latin America.

Enel’s Added Value in Romania

Enel’s Added Value in Romania

The Group’s companies have launched a new range of offers and services across the country, following digitisation launched with the electronic bill


ENERGYACCESS Enel’s Sustainable Worksites

On The Guardian website, the model conceived by Enel Green Power to build new plants and refurbish existing ones: it protects the environment, gets local communities involved, values local areas and avoids waste of resources

An Integrated Model for Energy Cooperation

An Integrated Model for Energy Cooperation

The Enel Foundation Studies Centre and the Polytechnic University of Milan have created a system to evaluate energy-related projects and develop more efficient strategies


Enel's eOrder Project in Latin America

The new workforce management platform to manage operational teams, maintain the grid, respond to customers requests. A continent-wide project for Peru, Colombia, Chile and Brazil


ENERGYACCESS Energy for All. Is It Actually Feasible?

Can energy be brought to the one billion people who still lack stable access to electricity? Asks The Guardian, reporting examples and achievements of the Velha and Ecoelce Grid projects implemented by Enel companies in Brazil


ENERGYACCESS Development from Energy (for All)

The Guardian describes Enel's project with 'solar grandmothers' in Latin America. A success case in which access to electricity, which is presently denied to over 1 billion people, originates from the involvement of local communities


Energy Efficiency's Long Journey

Not only electric appliances, consumption-management devices and new technological solutions. Energy efficiency is the result of a journey that takes energy from the plant, through the electricity grid and finally to end users

The EGP Sun Shines in Panama

The EGP Sun Shines in Panama

One of the first solar PV plants in the region goes online, contributing to the deployment of a diversified mix of technologies to ensure energy stability in a fast-growing country


ENERGYACCESS How do you get electric cars started?

The Guardian looks into the future of e-mobility. Though technology advances, only forward-looking policies, suitable regulations and the constant commitment of the industrial sector will make electric cars growingly accessible


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