Enel and GiveWatts, Green Light for Kenya

Enel and GiveWatts, Green Light for Kenya

Thanks to the project Powering Education, 20,000 solar lamps have been distributed in 800 villages, providing access to electricity in a sustainable and secure way to over 80,000 people


Environment and Climate Change. Enel: a Case Study in Success

The Guardian describes the V2G system implemented by Enel with Nissan and already on the road. Cars become moving 'batteries' that can store electricity and inject it into the grid, so that their owners become energy distributors


Enel Russia Grows With Research and Innovation

New partnership agreement between Enel's Research and the Ural Federal University for studies on the efficiency of thermal electric generation and new systems for the reduction of flue gases for another two units of the Reftinsky plant


Brazil: Saving With Eco-Sustainable Behaviours

New fridges to replace old and used ones, waste in exchange for discounts on bills. Two initiatives from Coelce, the Enel Group company in Brazil, to promote efficient energy use among the disadvantaged inhabitants of the barrios of Ceará

Smart Cities to Save the Planet

Smart Cities to Save the Planet

Zero-emission mobility, efficient lighting,renewable resources, rationalisation of energy consumption: environmental protection starts with the city of the future. Enel is guiding the process worldwide

EGP, Record-Breaking Geothermal in South America

EGP, Record-Breaking Geothermal in South America

Enel Green Power starts construction in Chile of the first geothermal plant in South America. At Cerro Pabellón, in the Antofagasta region, the technologies developed in the Tuscan geothermal district will be installed


ENERGYACCESS Accumulating Green Energy

An article on The Guardian website analyses the potential of integration of storage systems into wind and solar PV generation plants. Enel's ongoing projects and partnerships in Europe and Latin America


From Brazil 3000 Ideas for the Home of the Future

The Enel Group company Ampla has created a movement of people whose common objective is the construction of a sustainable and human-friendly living space. Now the most voted ideas will become a project that will be carried out in 2016

Romania, Technologies and Investments to Enhance Service Quality

Romania, Technologies and Investments to Enhance Service Quality

All-round energy at the Forum promoted by Aspen at Bucharest in the energy sector. Volpe (Enel): distributors must provide innovative services 


All-Round Efficiency. Innovation Enhances Energy

Technological development is improving the efficiency of all of Enel's activities in every field: from more than 1100 renewable plants to 99 thermoelectric facilities and over 1.85 million km of electric lines