Enel’s Innovations for Customer Service Worldwide

Mobile offices, digital counters and many initiatives on the ground locally and online. An increasing number of activities addressing customers are being promoted by Enel Group companies  operating on the electricity and gas supplies market

A Green Future for Algeria

A Green Future for Algeria

RES4MED and the Algerian company Sonelgaz have signed an agreement that will see the companies share knowledge on renewable energy, a sector in which the African country has drawn up a development plan


The Reta Velha Project: Efficiency and Common Good

The Enel company in Brazil Ampla combines maintenance and grid modernisation operations and social action for the community of a disadvantaged neighbourhood in Rio. In one year, grid losses in the quarter have fallen by 66 percent.


Enel CEO in the Board of the UN Global Compact

Enel CEO has taken part for the first time in the summit in New York. He is the first representative of an Italian business to be appointed and the only power utility CEO on the Board. Enel has been a member of the UN initiative since 2004

Russia, Enel’s Eastern Frontier

Russia, Enel’s Eastern Frontier

A large and mature market, in which the Group is in the forefront thanks to the modernisation and efficiency enhancement of its four generation hubs


energyaccess Enel smart grids in the world

Reduction of emissions and consumption, development of renewables, energy efficiency. The "smart revolution" is the way to build a low carbon economy and ensure that everyone has access to electricity

Mexico, Enel Full Speed Ahead

Mexico, Enel Full Speed Ahead

The Group continues to invest in the Central American country, supporting the governmental renewable energy development and greenhouse gas emissions reduction plan


Food and Energy: Waste Less, Share More

Enel Chairman Patrizia Grieco on "Business innovative sustainable vision" at the international conference "Last call to Europe 2020", which hosted the presentation of the Milan Manifesto Enterprise 2020


CNN Sets Out to Discover Enel’s Ollagüe project

In the Andean village, on the border with Bolivia, an Enel Green Power project combines wind and solar power with storage to achieve a cutting-edge and sustainable off-grid system that grants constant access to energy to the small local community 

Enel, Renewables Overtake Fossil Fuels

Enel, Renewables Overtake Fossil Fuels

The new business plan reflects the evolution of the energy system: by 2019 most of Enel’s power generation will be produced with clean, zero-emission sources


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