Enel's new frontiers in Europe

Perspectives in different countries of Eastern Europe. Cooperation opportunities aimed at updating the various national electricity systems in the name of innovation and the environment

Eastward expansion is a necessity for Europe. Moreover, it’s also to one of the strategic pivots of the Enel Group, which is already present in Russia, Slovakia and Romania, and is also active in Bulgaria and Greece. Additionally, it is broadening its horizons in the Western Balkans, Poland and Turkey.

In the Balkans, nearby perspectives concern mostly Croatia and Montenegro. Since they are geographically close to Italy, joint projects can be developed with these countries. Furthermore, they are advancing in the integration with Europe (Croatia will become an EU Member State starting from 2013), and are enjoying a rapid economic growth that offers significant market opportunities. In both these countries projects will regard modernization, efficiency and development of coal plants, as well as better harnessing the hydroelectric potential.

Additionally, in Poland significant activities are expected to take place, also connected with the fact that presently this country meets 90% of its electricity needs from coal. For this reason it is necessary to renew plants, increase their efficiency and differentiate the generation mix. To be noted that, in the long term the Polish government is planning on using nuclear power as well.

Turkey, a part from being one of the countries in the world with the highest economic growth, is playing an increasingly significant political role in the critical area between Europe and the Middle East. The Turkish energy programme also a nuclear contribution on the long run, while on the short and middle term the most important perspectives concern renewable sources. Specifically hydropower, already harnessed but with an extremely consistent potential, wind power, of which the country owns significant resources, and geothermal energy, a sector that registered a fast-paced growth and regarding which Enel is an international benchmark for its experience and know-how.

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