Enel central in wind and solar PV surge

Photovoltaic and wind could cover 40 percent of Europe’s electricity growth by 2050; the other non-discontinuous renewable sources could provide a significant input to Europe’s electricity demand.


Russia, great investments and opportunities

Russia is planning huge investments in energy infrastructure over the next few decades, offering significant opportunities also to Western companies


The security of renewable plant remote control systems

Enel’s commitment to increase automation system security and plant remote control to prevent computer attacks


Smart Grids: twice as many investments by 2015

Smart grids will allow synergic action with smart buildings and electric home appliances, allowing to save on electricity consumption and favouring a balance between consumption, electricity production and overall grid capacity.


Biodiversity is everyone’s commitment

Enel’s activities for the safeguard of diversity in the countries where it operates. This commitment is a strategic objective of its environmental policy


Enel aims at carbon reduction and economy improvement

The transition to a low-carbon economy in the energy system could produce positive effects on employment during the stages of production, installation and maintenance.


Energy and the growing importance of emerging countries

Energy policies must adjust to global consumption rise, especially in developing nations, which will increasingly weigh in the world’s economic trends


Renewable grid-integration

In 2011 Enel Distribuzione integrated into the grid almost 150,000 renewable plants for a capacity of about 9,500 MW. A huge effort, also considering that authorizations in Italy are among the most complex and varied in Europe


Stepping up on CCS in Europe

Within the present energy scenario, carbon capture and storage (CCS) is the most beneficial and practical way to achieve a fast and crucial emission reduction


A more flexible electricity system

Challenges must be overcome in order to ensure a stable electricity system, even when grid-connecting growing amounts of variable energy like solar and wind power


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