Latin America aims at sustainability

Published: 2012-02-24

In view of Rio+20, the Forum of Latin American Environmental Ministers asks that economic growth should be combined with protection of nature. Enel has set an example with the Enabling Electricity programme.

Guatemala: "Montecristo" hydroelectric power plant

In view of preparing the Rio+20 UN Conference, in Quito (Ecuador), on February 2 and 3 the 18th. session of the Forum of environmental ministers of Latin America  and the Caribbean. The latter also hosted, at the same time, the first conference of Environmental Ministers of the Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribeños (CELAC).

The main aim of the double event was to define a common position in view of the Rio+20 conference, consisting in a set of common commitments that were formalized with the Declaration of Quito signed by 32 participating countries.

Issues regarding the need for environmental protection and solutions to mitigate poverty are essential for the future of Latin America, a continent that is particularly vulnerable to climate change and where wealth distribution is strongly unbalanced, with rural areas that are still isolated. A situation of which the Enel Group is aware and is facing not only by implementing the electricity system of the countries in which it operates, but also by enacting the Enabling Electricity programme, aimed at reducing the so-called energy divide due to which a large portion of the inhabitants of Latin America lack access to electricity.

The projects that the Group launched to this end include the partnership with the Indian NGO Barefoot College, which aims at providing photovoltaic systems to one thousand homes in Guatemala, Chile, Peru, Brazil and Colombia. This project shows that the Enel Group is following a model of economic, environmental and social sustainable growth.

The transition towards sustainable development is decisive for the growth of this continent. CELAC members consider it the core of the Declaration of Quito, since it points out the adequate strategy to achieve goals of social wellbeing, economic growth, environmental protection and sustainable use natural resources.

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