Smart Cities: sustainability laboratories

Published: 2012-09-04

In Italy and across the world, Enel continues its commitment to achieve people and environmentally friendly cities, thanks to smart infrastructures that can combine energy efficiency and an excellent use of resources

Smart Cities: sustainability laboratories

Innovation can be aimed at increasing sustainability, aimed at creating people and environmentally friendly cities.

These are the grounds for the development of the Smart Cities projects, intelligent next-generation urban centres that can combine energy efficiency and an excellent use of resources.

This is an essential objective for Enel, which it pursues with determination, as shown by the various projects that are launched in Europe and the Americas. Among the most recent ones, the one launched in Bologna under a memorandum of understanding that was signed with the mayor of this city, aimed at providing the city with smart infrastructure, essential to turn real the perspective of a low-carbon development. Like, for instance,  the widespread use of electric mobility, regarding which Enel is enacting significant projects in various Italian and foreign cities.

Equally ambitious projects are being carried out by Endesa in Spain and by Enel in Latin America, jointly with Enel Distribuzione, Enel Green Power and Enel Sole. For example, the one launched in Bùzios by Ampla (the Group’s distribution company in Brazil) explores all the possible applications for the achievement of Smart Cities.

The Bùzios project will last three years and will involve 10,363 of Ampla customers, 13 industries and 1,518 business and service structures. There will be several positive effects in terms of energy and environmental sustainability, thanks to the active participation of customers in the energy value chain. 

The Group has also started preliminary studies regarding a similar project to be carried out in Santiago de Chile, where Enel Distruzione is already  launching a  smart metering pilot project involving three neighbourhoods of the Chilean capital.



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