Smart grids, Europe’s strategy to 2035

Published: 2012-04-10

The European Platform for Smart grids publicized its strategic agenda to 2035: it focuses on innovation, regulatory framework and financial analysis. Enel is in the forefront, a leader in this field

Smart grids, Europe’s strategy to 2035

The “SmartGrids Strategic Research Agenda 2035”  identifies priorities for the development of smart grids in Europe up to 2035. The document was publicized in Rome during the fourth general assembly of the European Technology Platform Smart Grids, organized by Enel together with the association EDSO for Smart Grids.

The document identifies the following prioritised technological sectors:

  • small- and medium-scale electricity storage systems
  • devices for real time consumption monitoring
  • technologies for new scenarios, like home smart grids
  • advanced forecasting techniques for electricity consumption and generation from irregular sources
  • tools for secure information exchange.

Besides the technological field, theEDSO document for Smart Grids said that decisive sectors in order to reach common agreements are the regulatory and financial sectors. The latter is significant also regarding the way in which costs and return of investments are evaluated.

In this entire context Enel plays an extremely central role, as stated by Livio Gallo, director of the Enel Infrastructure and Networks Division and president of EDSO for Smart Grids: «Enel is in the forefront in this path and for more than ten years has been investing to make tangible the different model introduced by smart grids».

Indeed, Enel was a pioneer in the installationofelectronic meters, the first brick of smart grids. It also participates in several cutting-edge global projects, including ADDRESS to promote the active participation of customers, GRID4EU to improve the integration of renewables into the smart grids and Green eMotion for the widespread use of electric vehicles.


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