Technology for safety at work

Published: 2012-04-27

Technological research and innovation for workers’ safety: this is how  Enel pursues its “Zero Accidents” programme in every country in which it operates, including Slovakia and Chile

Technology for safety at work

Workers’ safety is a priority for Enel, which also relies on technological research and the development of cutting-edge tools to reach its zero accidents target. “Enel Research has been working for years to identifity the most innovative technologies, many of which are already being tested at the experimental centre in Livorno and this year will be extended to the Brindisi site”, said Daniela Pestonesi from Enel Engineering and Research, Head of the Zero Accidents Programme (ZAP).

Safety culture is a feature that characterizes the activities of the Enel Group  ( in every country in which it operates, based on a cut-across approach that follows the global guidelines provided by the  Integrated Nine Point Safety Improvement Plan and is applied to different jobs and contexts.

Together with procedures that regard daily activities in all workplaces, several cutting-edge projects have been launched that apply innovative technologies to safety. The most recent examples are found in Slovakia, where the Future Enelproject was developed with Boston-based MIT, and in Chile, with a joint project enacted by Enel with the technological company Cotac and the Universidad de Chile.

Among the solutions that have already been tested, Pestonesi pointed out the automation of individual protecting devices that has been achieved with the  Safety door, “an electronic passageway that reads badges and safety equipments that are worn, allowing to open the entrance only to authorised visitors”.

The ambitious aim consists in achieving a single device that can be worn and connected to the badge, “revealing in real time if the prescribed devices for individual protection are worn”, which can “also communicate with devices that monitor health conditions, like cardio frequency meters”.

An acknowledgement of Enel’s achievements came from the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, who awarded a medal to Enel CEO Fulvio Conti during the International safety week 2011, thus rewarding the high symbolic and tangible value of Enel’s safety projects.

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