Financial resources

Group’s financial allocations for environmental protection in 2012 (€ million)

Milion of euroInvestmentsCurrent expenditureTotal%
Thermoelectric power24225249445.0
Nuclear power813414212.9
Other activities7410217616
Emission certificates 182182 


Enel records its environmental expenditure (investments and current expenditure) according to a classification system based on the criteria adopted by Eurostat and Istat (the latter being the Italian Statistical Institute). Under Istat’s criteria, “environmental protection expenditure” is defined as the costs incurred for preventing and mitigating environmental pollution and degradation and for restoring the quality of the environment, whatever the origin of such costs (legislation, agreements with local governments, corporate decisions, etc.). It excludes the expenditure incurred for minimizing the use of natural resources, as well as for activities that, albeit environmentally beneficial, primarily satisfy other requirements, such as health & safety in workplaces. The term “expenditure” has always an algebraic sense, as it may also refer to revenues, such as those which may accrue from waste delivery to recovery operators.


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