Sustainability is part of Enel's culture: it drives a process of continuous and transversal improvement within the Company and is key to its mission of growth and development.

Aiming at generating and distributing value on the international energy market for the benefit of customer requirements, shareholders’ investment and competitiveness of countries where it operates, Enel's activities always favour the community, while protecting the environment, and human safety, focusing on the development of renewable sources and of technically innovative projects. The objective is to hand in a better world to future generations.

Enel's basic ethic principles, which are described in the Code of Ethics, are core to corporate culture and form the standard behaviour requested from all the Group's employees.

Furthermore, as from 2003 Enel annually publishes its Sustainability Report, making a constant commitment to maintaining a close relationship with all its stakeholders: not only shareholders, financial backers, staff members, customers and suppliers, but also institutions, communities and future generations.

In 2012, the ninth year in a row, Enel is part of the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), has been reconfirmed in FTSE4Good and improved its disclosure score in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), being for the second year in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index Italy.

Since January 2011 Enel also participates in the Global Compact LEAD, a programme launched by the United Nations Global Compact that brings together the top 56 companies in economic, social and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, since Febraury 2013 Enel is member of the Consortium Steering Committee in the UN Global Lead.

In fact, the ambition to be a point of reference and the courage to assume its own share of responsibility in facing global development challenges guide the Group’s daily activities, in order to grant reliable, efficient and sustainable energy. Indeed, a major company as responsible as Enel has the task of paving new paths for future prosperity, so that the energy that is produced is energy that will lead to a change towards a sustainable future.

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