The priorities that move Enel are the value of generation, fight against climate change, dialogue with the communities in which it operates and employee safety. Specifically, Enel reaffirms its commitment in a perspective of sustainable growth according to precise guidelines:

1. Governance: Enel commits to reinforce a system inspired by the highest standards of transparency and fairness in corporate governance. A system that is set to ensure:

  • the creation of value for shareholders;
  • service quality for customers;
  • the control of corporate risk;
  • transparency for the market;
  • the reconciliation of the interests of all shareholders, with particular regard to small  ones;
  • awareness of the social importance of the activities in which Enel is engaged.

2. People: Enel ensures the safety of whoever is involved in its activities, respecting the “value of the individual” in the sphere of his or her personal and collective interests, including human rights, labour health, training and equal opportunities.
Enel believes in principles regarding the essential rights of workers and commits to their observance, promoting and nacting them in every country in which it operates, always respecting diversity.
The activities of the Group include involving clients and consumers and communicating with them, promoting sustainable behaviours.

3. Climate strategy: In order to reduce global CO2 emissions, Enel reaffirms the need to adopt strategies that improve every country’s’ commitment, recognising capabilities and legitimate development expectations.
This commitment is achieved not only by strongly increasing electricity production’s by applying “zero emissions” technologies, but also by firmly changing consumption models.

4. Environment: in order to reduce environmental impact of its activities, Enel aims at improving performances and initiatives aimed to recover and reuse resources. The Group invests in innovative research and in the best available technologies, apt  to reduce pollutant emissions and to manage discharges and waste.

5. Research and development: the aim is to ensure reliable electricity and to promote sustainable development, focusing on renewable sources, biofuels and carbon capture and storage.


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