Sustainability Reports

Through the Sustainability Report Enel gives account to stakeholders of its performance regarding economic, social and environmental activities. The document illustrates values and principles that guide the Group, as well as activities, results, and objectives that have been or will be achieved, best performances and areas of improvement, in compliance with commitments and obligations towards all stakeholders.
Since 2006, Enel has been applying the guidelines drawn up by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI-G3 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines).

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2002 Sustainability Report

Enel published its first very first Sustainability Report in 2002. It’s goal is to give a full vision of the achievements and to obtain and consolidate a durable trust from the stakeholders.
Along with economic and financial data, we displayed results concerning relations with the customers and those concerning the satisfaction of their needs and the quality of our services.
It was our intention to account for all the progress made regarding safety on the job, increasment of employee skills and organizational efficiency.

We’ve stressed the instruments adopted in the Corporate Governance to guarantee top managerial transparency standards and protection for stakeholders’ investments

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