Sustainability Reports

Through the Sustainability Report Enel gives account to stakeholders of its performance regarding economic, social and environmental activities. The document illustrates values and principles that guide the Group, as well as activities, results, and objectives that have been or will be achieved, best performances and areas of improvement, in compliance with commitments and obligations towards all stakeholders.
Since 2006, Enel has been applying the guidelines drawn up by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI-G3 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines).

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2005 Sustainability Report

The fourth Enel Sustainability Report gave us the picture of a constantly and rapidly evolving Company. We wished to offer our growing auditorium – made of people, associations and institutions who relate with us – our stakeholders – the chance to observe the complexity of the Enel Group, recounting what we do to help the company grow in a sustainable way, in a way that fully respects their legitimate and various expectations.

In order to be able to speak to customers, collaborators, savers, professional investors, local communities, institutions, suppliers in distant and different Countries, we had to realise a Report that could be, at the same time, simple and complex but also reliable and based on an internationally accepted and accomplished standard. Even though we’re not giving up aiming for a constant improvement, we believe we made it.

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