Enel Nuclear Overview

Enel has an interest in Nuclear Power Plant Operations in Slovakia and Spain through its shareholdings in Slovenske Elektrarne and Endesa.

In so far as Enel is involved in other nuclear activities these are either potential or actual construction projects without any controlling interest and without material influence over operation. Enel's entry into such arrangements and its continued involvement is therefore predicated upon a satisfactory a priori determination ("due diligence") and continued monitoring of the satisfactory safety and environmental management performance, actual and prospective of the responsible operator in accordance with the Enel Group Nuclear Policy .

In practice this governance is exercised through Enel's role as Shareholder in the respective companies and verified through independent Nuclear Oversight monitoring. Therefore as a Shareholder, Enel looks to these companies to have adopted and implemented appropriate policies and procedures which are consistent with the aims of the Enel Group Nuclear Policy.

Within the global nuclear community, Enel is an active player with full membership of both WANO Moscow Centre through Slovenske Elektrarne and WANO Paris Centre through Endesa - ANAV. Enel is an active sponsor of Seminars and Conferences related to Nuclear Safety and RadioProtection (e.g. October 2011 Rome – IAEA Regional Workshop on Practical Methods on Self-Assessment of Safety Culture) and various nuclear educational initiatives at both national (Spain, Italy & Slovakia) and European levels (e..g. WANO Nuclear Leadership Seminars in Bratislava - September 2013,  Cambrils, Spain - September 2014).

Last update 23/04/2013

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