Historical Archive

Sustainability also means enhancing a company’s identity. This is the mission of Enel’s Historical Archives, which contain and preserve the historical memory of the Italian electricity industry in more than linear 13,000 meters of documents, 200,000 photographs, thousands of technical drawings, books, and specialized magazines, and hundreds of objects and film clips.

Also Endesa, has found in 2005 an historical Archive, with the aim of bringing together and making available to everyone (company personnel, researchers in economics and the electricity industry, and the general public) historical documents and objects.

Trough this Archive is possible to know the development of the Group and its old branches from the beginning.

This Archive is organized around four areas:

  • the Document Collection, in which all the important documents of the Company and its old branches are catalogued and classified
  • the Graphic Collection, which contains photographs, films, and videos
  • the Industrial Collection, in which the “material elements” preserved because of their historical value (instruments, machines, etc.) are catalogued and described
  • the Bibliographic Collection, which contains books and magazines published or sponsored by the Company or its old branches 
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