Sustainability Day

To share and promote a culture of responsibility, support the creation of new ideas and the establishment of the best practices in the field of sustainability at the global level. These are the objectives of Sustainability Day. Planned and organized by Enel, the first edition was held in Rome on February 8, 2010. 

In effect, companies recognize that sustainability plays an essential role in long-term strategy and there is increasing awareness that attention to the practices of environmental and social sustainability and corporate benefit a company’s prospects as much as good financial management. These considerations led to the idea of a place where some of the foremost international experts of corporate social responsibility and representatives of different stakeholder categories – from enterprises and NGOs to ethical funds and institutions – could get together and discuss the ways in which sustainability can be integrated with business.

The most significant sustainability projects implemented by Enel and Endesa – from the Code of Ethics and investment in research and innovation to examples of dialogue with local communities, respect for the environment, and corporate governance – were displayed outside the auditorium.

For Sustainability Day, every year Enel commissions from the Intelligence Unit of The Economist a study that – based on interviews with hundreds of senior executives around the world – takes stock of corporate social responsibility and its contribution to economic growth.
Enel also created a dedicated website for the event – – where the public could follow the proceedings live, asking the speakers questions via Twitter, and updates, interviews with the participants, and other material were available afterwards. In this way, Sustainability Day becomes an interactive occasion for promoting a culture of responsibility leading to an innovative way of conceiving corporate sustainability at the global level.
The proceedings of each edition were followed online by about 4,000 people.

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