Customer relations

Transparency of commercial communication

Customer relations
  • As regards communication with customers, all the companies in the Enel Group operate not only in compliance with the laws and regulations in force in each country, but also on the basis of the provisions of the Group Code of Ethics (point 3.16), by which all contracts, communications addressed to customers and advertising must be: 
  • clear and simple, using language that is as close as possible to that normally used by the interlocutors (for example, avoiding clauses that are hard to understand, stating prices transparently, and explaining costs clearly);
  • compliant with the laws in force, without using evasive or unfair practices (such as for example the inclusion of restrictive covenants as regards consumers); 
  • complete, without neglecting any detail that is significant in terms of customers’ decisions; 
  • available on corporate websites. 

The commitment to transparent communication also takes the form of making available to customers various channels and instruments to manage issues relating to their supply contract. In Italy and Romania, for example, through the “My- Enel” website, it is possible to undertake various operations, such as requesting changes to contracts or paying bills in installments, checking the details of bills and their status, communicating self-meter readings, making payments with a credit card and viewing the progress of cases. Numerous services can be accessed through an app for smartphones and tablets. In addition, instruments are available to facilitate better knowledge of customers’ own consumption (for example by comparing energy consumption in various periods of the year) or to take informed and knowledgeable decisions in regard to their supply contract. For example, an online instrument is available which, on the basis of their normal consumption characteristics, calculates a typical bill for each different tariff and so allows customers to choose the best tariff profile in relation to their own needs. 

Customers in Spain and Latin America too have available a portal (Endesa On line) where they can handle various aspects of their supply. In 2012, in particular, Endesa launched a new digital means of contact: the customer can contact an operator via chat and ask a question or request clarification in writing and receive a reply in real time.

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