Enel Diversity Policy General principles

Published on Tuesday, 30 August 2016

“NON-DISCRIMINATION. All employees are treated exclusively on the basis of their abilities and professional skills in all decisions that affects the working relationship. All forms of political, religious, national, ethic, racial, linguistic, gender and age discrimination are therefore banned, as is any form of discrimination against personal features such as personal beliefs, sexual orientation, trade union membership and activity, and any other form of social discrimination. Under the same principles bullying or harassment will not be tolerated.”

“ENEL OPPORTUNITIES AND EQUAL DIGNITY FOR ALL FORMS OF DIVERSITY. Diversity is a value to be pursued and encouraged and equal treatment and opportunities shall be guaranteed for any and all types of diversity. Moreover, personal factors connected to work-life balance provide no basis for less favorable treatment.”

“INCLUSION. Enel Group is committed to establishing actions, practices, processes, and services that do not limit access to them by any of the stakeholders involved, whether they be employees, customers or contractors. All people shall have the opportunity to participate in the Company processes, and there should be no form of explicit or implicit barrier regarding any unit, function, country, gender, religion, culture, belief, orientation, disability, age, or any diversity.”

“WORK-LIFE BALANCE. Enel Group promotes work-life balance solutions supporting employees' real and daily needs, in order to foster respect for all types of situation a person may encounter during their working life.”