“We expect revolutions to be led by tiny upstarts, not established giants. But Enel... is charging the barricades when it comes to clean power”

– Fortune, "Change the World" list

Working at Enel means opening up to this new world and playing an active role in change, as a tiny upstart inside an established and successful giant. We are looking for people who are open to this challenge, ready to follow unexplored paths and to live out a professional and personal adventure where diversity, creativity and excellence are not simply aspirations, but daily experiences.

Open Power sums up the way we live today in order to build for tomorrow: every day, every project, every task is an opportunity to discover new scenarios and open up to new ideas and solutions.

“Open Power means looking at what people want from us, not what we think they want”

– Francesco Starace, CEO Enel

We ask for openness to change and innovation from everyone who wants to join our Group. If you’d like to work with us, you will go through a direct selection process where your CV, qualifications, skills and experience are important factors, but not the only things we consider. 

We also care about your passions, talents and aspirations. We strongly believe that diversity and individuality are key to leading the transformation of the energy sector and creating a new, more sustainable and reliable global development model. 

If you’ve got your eyes on the horizon, and you are ready to innovate and share your ideas, Enel is the right place for you.