Seeding energies, customers front and center

Seeding energies, customers front and center

Enel's leadership is necessarily centred on customer care: in terms of service quality, as well as of accessibility, transparency and listening.


With over 61 million customers at 31 December 2016 in 16 countries, the most important of which include Italy, Spain and Brazil, Enel's customers are our top priority.

This is also confirmed by the 2017-2019 Strategic Plan, in which digitalization and customer focus are key elements to promote growth and efficiency. 


"In an energy market characterized by very rapid changes, the Plan 2017-2019 considers digitalization and customer focus as key elements which will allow an acceleration in the process of creating value"
Seeding Energies - Sustainability Report 2016

The aim of further improving the quality of customer service goes hand in hand with three of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9), cities and sustainable communities (SDG 11) and clean and affordable energy (SDG 7), a fundamental objective for the social and economic development to which Enel has made a formal commitment as part of the integration of the sustainable development goals in its own strategies.

The quality of supply is closely linked to the reliability and the level of efficiency of the transmission and distribution infrastructure. That's why Enel is pursuing a two-fold approach, i.e., bringing electricity to areas that still lack it and improving the efficiency of distribution networks through continuous development and efficiency-enhancing measures including maintenance or modernisation actions on networks, improvement of efficiency in the control of "commercial" losses as well as of fraud through the use of remote management systems coupled with the electronic meter.


Transparency and accessibility

At Enel, service quality is not only the supply of electricity and/or gas, but also consists in listening to customers, in the accessibility of information and in transparent communication.

In the name of transparency, Enel is committed to making all communications addressed to customers and all advertising messages accessible, clear, simple, and complete, while ensuring compliance with current regulations, without resorting to circumvention or unethical practices and without neglecting relevant elements. In 2016, Enel's commitment in this regard was heightened with specific initiatives such as, in Italy, the simultaneous translation service into 13 languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Romanian, Punjabi, Albanian, Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian) at Enel Points and the possibility to consult the website also in English.


"For communication with customers to be really transparent, correct and effective, it is necessary to ensure that any cultural or linguistic barriers, illiteracy or disability do not nullify equal access to information"
Seeding Energies - Sustainability Report 2016

To ensure accessibility to all customers, in Spain, a telephone channel is available for people with hearing or speech impairment to receive billing and contract information, while, in Colombia, vision-impaired customers receive bills in Braille.


Helping disadvantaged groups

Aware of its responsibilities toward society, Enel focuses, in particular, on its customers who are in situations of difficulty or hardship. In Italy, for example, customers in a state of economic need and customers who use life-saving medical electrical equipment can benefit from the so-called "social bonus." 

"In Italy, since 2008 for the electricity sector and since 2009 for the gas sector, there has been an incentive for residential customers in a state of economic need"
Seeding Energies - Sustainability Report 2016


In Brazil, in the state of Ceara and Rio de Janeiro, all customers can benefit from a programme that entitles them to discounts on energy costs by differentiating their waste and taking it to collection centers. The experience in Brazil has inspired the Ferentari project in Romania. Ferentari is one of the poorest and disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Bucarest and has a high level of commercial losses. Also in Romania, Enel has adopted a programme in favor of Roma communities and other disadvantaged minorities to analyse problems, propose solutions and promote energy efficiency, education, health and sanitation.

In Spain, finally, Endesa has signed a series of agreements with local authorities and public bodies to prevent cutting off electricity supply to families in need.


Customer satisfaction, our award

Enel's attention to its customers is repaid by their satisfaction: on a scale of 1 to 100, the customer satisfaction index (ICS) for 2016 was equal to 91.2 in Italy for the regulated market and 90.3 for the free market.

Customer approval is determined with an objective parameter: the IMQ - Quality Mark Institute -, in addition to confirming ISO 9001:2008 certification of Italian National Electrical Service companies and Enel Energia for the high standards of service quality offered with a 100% compliance rate, has extended, for the first time, this prestigious quality mark also to the sale processes.

Major accolades have also been received abroad: in Brazil, Enel Distribuição Ceará received the Abradee Prize as best distributor in the country, while, in Peru, Enel Distribución was named by the Organismo Supervisor de la Inversión en Energía y Mineria for the third consecutive year as the best company for service quality.


Feedback from our customers as an opportunity for growth

Improvement is pursued also through listening to customers and Enel constantly monitors the feedback it receives from customers to understand customer needs and to manage critical issues as well as to adopt appropriate corrective actions where necessary.


"In all the countries where Enel operates, customers have available various channels through which to make a complaint or an information request"
Seeding Energies - Sustainability Report 2016


In Italy, the Market division in 2016 implemented a further improvement by introducing new service levels to calculate contractual benchmarks and achieve a greater engagement of partners in the assessment process. In the Iberian Region, as well as in Brazil and Colombia, the "Defensor del Cliente - Ombudsman” is active. It is a unique example of dialogue between the company and its customers.

To increase the quality of our services, the Enel Strategic Plan for the 2017-2019 period aims to develop new energy efficiency solutions, propose commercial offers increasingly more aligned with the needs and choices of customers, launch initiatives for the promotion of responsible consumption, promote electric mobility and increase the spreading of digital billing with actions and campaigns targeted at all customers.