Net electricity generated by the Enel Group in 2014 amounted to 283.1 TWh, up 0.5% on the 281.8 TWh posted in 2013. 

Enel Group power plants in Italy generated 71.8 TWh, an increase of 0.8% (+0.6 TWh) on 2013. Thermal plants posted an increase of 0.5 TWh, thanks in particular to the greater contribution of coalfired generation, while among renewables increases were posted in geothermal (+0.25 TWh) and solar (+0.04 TWh) generation. In 2014 electricity demand in Italy amounted to 309.0 TWh, down 3.0% (-9.5 TWh) compared with 2013. While net generation contracted by 11.3 TWh (of which -17.7 TWh from thermal plants, +4.0 TWh from hydro plants and +2.1 TWh from photovoltaic plants), net imports of power increased (+1.6 TWh). 

Net electricity generated by the Enel Group abroad in 2014 totalled 211.3 TWh, up 0.7 TWh (+0.3%) on 2013. The increase is attributable to Enel Green Power (+1.6 TWh, of which +1.3 TWh in North America, +0.6 TWh in Latin America, -0.4 TWh in Iberia and +0.1 TWh in the rest of Europe) and to operations in Russia (+0.5 TWh), partly offset by the lower output in other European countries (-1.5 TWh), specifically in Slovakia and Belgium. The Iberia and Latin America Division saw output in Iberia increase by 1.2 TWh, almost entirely offset by a decrease in the output of plants in Latin America (-1.1 TWh), especially in Argentina and Chile. Of the electricity generated by Enel Group plants throughout the world, 52.7% came from conventional thermoelectric generation, 33.5% from renewables (hydroelectric, wind, geothermal, biomass and solar) and the residual 13.8% from nuclear power.

Data as of December 31, 2014

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