Our values

We perform our integrated activity across the whole value chain of electricity and gas in 32 countries over 4 continents is done with the conviction that every new project must be developed for our growth and that of the entire community around us.
It is a challenge which requires everyone’s talent and day-to-day commitment, as well as a consistent and ambitious strategy based on innovation and excellence as levers for sustainable growth, as well as ethics as a shared value of transparency.
The men and women of Enel are a fundamental resource and a source of wealth which the company aims to enhance by guaranteeing everyone the opportunity to enhance their own technical, professional and managerial skills.

The priority commitment for the safety of everyone working for and with us. It ensures constant attention to the needs of clients.

Attention to people
Attention to the talents and aspirations of people working for Enel. Rewarding the merit of people placing their talent at the service of the company.

The focus on continual improvement to ensure better results and respond to the expectations of shareholders. It is an approach to daily work: “do more with less”.

Ethical rigour
Competence and capacity to work well in order to attain excellence without shortcuts.

Social Responsibility
Individual and collective responsibility towards the society in which we live and, especially, towards the environment. The importance of ensuring that all our actions are transparent and accountable.

CO2 Neutral