Holding Functions

Holding Functions are in charge of managing governance processes at Group level.

​Administration, Finance and Control, entrusted to Alberto De Paoli;
Human Resources and Organization, entrusted to Francesca Di Carlo;
Communications, entrusted to Ryan O’Keeffe;
Legal and Corporate Affairs, entrusted to Francisco de Borja Acha Besga;
Innovation and Sustainability, entrusted to Ernesto Ciorra;
European Affairs, entrusted to Simone Mori;
Audit1, entrusted to Silvia Fiori.


1)Audit reports, throughout the BoDChairman, to Enel S.p.A. Board of Directors; it maintains a reporting line with Group CEO provided that the latter is in charge of over viewing the Internal Control System.

Last updating as of: October 29, 2014

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